Privacy Notice

As a data controller, the Group are bound by the requirements of Jersey's data protection legislation and seek to ensure compliance thereto. The Group's data protection policy undertakes to ensure that personal data concerning clients will be processed in accordance with the requirements of current legislation.

The data subject may have certain rights under Jersey's data protection legislation including rights to be informed, rights of access, the right to rectify, the right of erasure and the right to complain to the Office of the Information Commissioner.

Philean does not apply automated machine profiling leading to automated decision making based on algorithms or any other computer manipulation.

Personal data is obtained in order to satisfy due diligence regulatory requirements and tax obligations. Personal data is held for the duration of the relationship with the Client, or whilst a Company, Trust, Partnership, Foundation or other vehicle persists, and thereafter for a minimum period of twelve years whereupon it may be destroyed. The group may in certain circumstances hold data on Clients as principal, where, for example it is acting as Trustee, and will hold data for regulatory and other purposes.

Except where required by law or professional conduct it is the Group's policy not to share data with third parties. Information may be shared with certain professional agencies at the client's request for the purposes of conducting business, for example investment managers, banks or lawyers.

The Group takes office security and cyber security very seriously and utilises a robust approach to protect its client's data. Data requests should be made to the Data Protection Officer at the Group's contact details. The Group undertakes to respond to any data requests within one month.